Everything you need to know to put your best face forward! Fresh faced skin is in!

Summer makeup tends to be lighter, dewier and fresher. Rather than fighting the glow, work with it and create a youthful look while still getting sun protection.

Here’s some easy, cruelty-free makeup tips (that…

Fall 2018's Hottest Runway Looks & The Cruelty-Free Makeup Products to Copy The Looks.

Bright colors, a lot of glitter and sparkle lit up the runways. The bold colors can seem intimidating at first but with some careful application and balanced makeup, these looks are super wearable and fashion forward when you find the shades that work best for you.

We have carefully selected…

Eve Dawes

Eve Dawes is a blogger, podcaster, founder of Dawes Custom Cosmetics & Glamour and Gains blog and podcast. WBFF Pro athlete & Mrs. Nevada United States 2017.

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